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Telehandler For Hire

Telehandler provides excellent loader performance and its flotation over soft ground and ground clearance is first class. The machine cab is very easy to work in, thanks to the ergonomically positioned instruments and controls helping to minimise fatigue.

Boom lifts and construction lifts cover a wide variety of applications. From lifts that raise one individual up to 12 ft to machines that can take a group of workers as high as 150 ft, there are many options with aerial work platforms. Whether you are looking for one for your large construction project or for your warehouse, you’ll want to consider the strengths of each type of boom lift to choose the best one for your needs.

With many different types of boom lifts and types of construction lifts to choose from, it’s important to understand the functionality and features of each option. When you’re managing the diverse needs of a construction worksite, you must choose the appropriate machinery for every task.

Choose the Right Telehandler For Hire

So you need a boom lift or scissor lift, but what is the best type? Size is an important factor to consider. You want sufficient range but a size that fits safely and comfortably in your workspace. In addition, you’ll also want to consider movement type, weight capacity, job site conditions, space restrictions, and power source.

A rough terrain forklift comes with oversized tires and a cage cab.

Telehandlers are used to move building materials and other items over rough terrain. They can traverse long distances, efficiently carrying items from one end of the worksite to the other, despite possible challenges in the terrain. Construction teams commonly use these forklifts to move materials around the site.

Capable of outstanding balance and powerful lifting, these forklifts can typically lift items up to 21 feet and carry loads of 3628.739 KG. The forks themselves are adjustable. You can move them closer together or farther apart as needed to provide a stable surface and strong support for items of any size.


Space Restrictions

Consider the space that your lift is moving through. Tall buildings with narrow doorways will require a different aerial lift than one used in a wide-open job site.

Weight Capacity

To prevent overloading, you’ll want to account for how many workers (elbow room included) and gear that will be loaded on the aerial platform.

Movement Type Needed

Aerial lifts can either be single-mast or multiple masts — in other words, its movement is either only vertical or both vertical and horizontal. The movement will determine the lift you need.

Power Source Compatibility

Diesel is a popular choice for its availability and torque. However, if you are working indoors, electric motors are quieter and have no emissions. You could also choose dual fuel motors for more flexibility.

Job Site Conditions

Is your terrain steep and tricky, or is it delicate and soft? The conditions will determine the type of lift you’ll need. Like any vehicle, tires are also important. Flotation, non-marking, standard pneumatic, solid rubber, and foam-filled are just a few of the choices.


Telehandler For Hire

Cherry pickers, also known as aerial lifts or bucket trucks, are wheeled vehicles that feature a railed aerial platform attached to a hydraulic crane. Cherry pickers are most commonly used for workers to access trees and utility lines and reach fruit in orchards. However, these aerial lifts are also used for maintenance work, remodeling, and installation of warehouse racks, systems, and lights. 

Boom Lifts

  • Articulating Boom Lift

    Reach heights between 10.00m - 43.15m Articulating boom lifts are ideal for both internal and external work where height and outreach is required, allowing the work platform to gain access around and over obstacles. Models are available in a huge variety of sizes and features. Benefits of an articulating boom lift:
    • Excellent outreach
    • Rough terrain option available
    • Non marking tyres available
    • Variety of power options available
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